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How to start your journey as a rummy player

Indian rummy used to be a game that was meant to relax the players after a long day. It is an outlet, to get rid of the day’s stress with a game of rummy with friends and/or family. However, in recent years the introduction of cash rummy on various gaming websites has taken the game into an entirely another level. Indian rummy is a card game that cultivates effective habits like patience, resilience, perseverance, and concentration. The cash rummy websites have made the fun game of Indian rummy competitive and much more engaging. Thousands of players from around the world, playing cash rummy online, keep the game competitively fun.

Indian rummy makes use of basic mathematics and probabilities skills, which eventually lead you to win the game. There are four popular variations of the rummy game available in most of the gaming websites – 13 Card Rummy, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy. All of these variations have games that keep you engaged and entertained. You could choose either to play for free or for cash. Indian rummy is played among 2 to 6 players, so it is a great way to make new friends with the people you play against. The chat option on many of the gaming websites allows the players to chat with the opponents. 

How to start your journey as a rummy player

If you have ever played a game or two of Indian rummy and understand the concept of the game, you could start your journey as a rummy player. However, at first, instead of playing cash rummy,  some of the free tournaments will help you brush up your basic rummy skills and learn new tricks. Having a strategy and gameplay in mind is extremely necessary to win cash rummy games and all these come from practicing as many free games as you can. Here are some of the tips to become a professional Indian rummy player:

  1. Practice: You cannot achieve great success unless you keep practicing your moves, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the pick-up and discards of your opponent. The foundation of becoming a great player is to have practice. Learn the values of each card in a deck and arrange them properly to get the highest point. Making your strategy and following a game plan is the only way you could win a game. However, you must also be aware that there will be moments when you might be required to change your gameplay in the middle of a tournament. You should always be able to do it, without losing the game. All these kinds of gameplay can be achieved by only practicing.
  2. Money: When you are planning to transition into cash rummy games to earn some money, make sure you have a separate fund set up just for that. If you start playing using your bank balance, you might be using the last of it very soon without even realizing it. Always make sure that you put a limit on the amount of money you invest in cash rummy. As Indian rummy is a game of skill, you cannot just expect to win the game on luck. You will have to put your best foot forward, wreck your brain to compose all the tricks you know, and strategize a game plan using all these tricks and tips.

  • Strong strategy: A strong strategy is always impartial to win Indian rummy or any game for that matter. To strengthen your play and secure your strategy, reassess the games that you have completed. Analyze the mistakes you have made and understand how not to repeat them. Working on your shortcomings will help you improve your techniques. The progressive technique is another way to master the game of Indian rummy.

  • Bonuses: Almost all the card gaming websites offer bonuses and promotions to their players either on a monthly or every week. Don’t forget to avail of the benefits of these bonuses. Sometimes this bonus could be of monetary value, which could be extremely helpful later in the game. Every time a player registers to these websites, they also get a monetary bonus of a certain amount as a welcome gift or as a part of their first deposit. These offers and promotions are designed to not only improve the experience of already existing Indian rummy players but also attract new players. It is a situation where word of the mouth comes mostly into play when an existing player could convince a new player to join these games. 

  • Blogs and articles: Reading about the rules and regulations of the Indian rummy game is a great way to start your journey as a career. Since professionals write these articles, you could get a glimpse of how they strategize their games. There are also dozens of videos explaining how to play the game to win. These informative articles and blogs teach you to pick or discard cards so that your opponent does not get a clue of what you are playing at. You could also join an online rummy players community and discuss with other rummy players about your mistakes and exchange game tricks.

  • Know when “enough is enough”: No matter how much time you invest to learn the game, always remember that, at the end of the day, it is just another game that is created to have fun and relax. When playing cash rummy, there will be days when you would not have luck winning a single game. During those days, instead of getting too much sucked into it and going forward to spend more money, dropping the game for the day and stepping back is the right thing to do. You could use it as entertainment in your life and at most, a source of secondary income. Do not let it get to your head under any circumstance.

When taken not too seriously and as an outlet for pent up frustration after a long day, Indian rummy can be quite enjoyable. It not only builds you up at a personal level by allowing you to test and sharpen your mathematics skills but also helps you be acquainted with various people from all over the world. You could meet like minded people and become lifelong friends if you know where to look.